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Struan Lodge, Beauly, Scotland UK
Struan Lodge Beauly
holiday accommodation beauly

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The policy of The Western Isles Islands’ Council

The policy of The Western Isles Islands’ Council is that holiday accommodation beauly there should be fixed links where possible between the islands of the Hebrides. Causeways already link the islands of North Uist, South Uist and Grimsay to Benbecula. The island of Baleshare is linked by causeway to holiday accommodation beauly North Uist and there is a bridge between Lewis and its offshore island, Bernera. A further inter-island link was established in 1990 with the opening of a causeway between Vatersay and Barra. The Council is now trying to put together a financial package which would enable them to add to those links with causeways between South Uist and Eriskay, Berneray and North Uist, and a bridge between Scalpay and mainland Harris. It is estimated that these links still to be built would cost in excess of £30 million. The case being made by The Western Isles Islands’ Council, however, is that if they were in place, they would enable the people of the Western Isles to travel the length of the islands and back, if they so desired, in a day.

In 1992, eleven of the Council of Europe’s twenty seven member states signed a charter pledging to uphold the rights of regions and minorities to speak their own languages. The charter was designed to help revive regional languages by promoting their use in schools and in public life. But several states with minorities who speak regional or lesser-used languages refused to sign, including Britain, France and Turkey.

The countries who signed the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages were Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway and Spain. In the Charter, they pledged to teach regional languages, use them in their civil service and provide radio and television services. In daily life, it means that members of minorities should be able to use their own language in court and in dealings with State departments. The British government decided that it needed more time to consider the implications of the European legislation before signing. Gaelic speakers are among an estimated 50 million people in Europe who speak a minority, or lesser-used, language. The lesser-used languages of Europe include Romansch, Basque, Catalan, Frisian and Occitan as well as Gaelic and other Celtic languages.

Alexander Stronach is said to have been one of the most notorious fugitives ever known in Lewis. Serious doubts exist about some stories attached to the name, but he appears to have lived on the island around the middle of the nineteenth century. He is said to have spent his life as a fugitive from justice on the island, hiding in caves and surviving on the moors, having murdered a female guest at his father’s inn at Garve, Ross-shire. Some reports even say the victim was his sister. He is said to have paid the ultimate penalty, eventually being apprehended and hanged. There are many stories in the oral tradition of Lewis about the many misdemeanours “Mac an t-Srònaich” is supposed to have committed, and these have probably been embellished as they have been passed on, as is custom with oral tradition.

He was said to lie in wait at night for lone travellers. On one occasion, he watched from a hideout in the hills as a group of people made their way home from Stornoway with supplies for a wedding. One group was carrying a barrel of whisky, and because of its weight, fell behind the others. Alexander Stronach waited until there was some distance between the last man and the others, then tied a rope across the road. When the man tripped, Alexander murdered him and stole his possessions. holiday-accommodation-beauly.html